Thursday, May 25, 2006


Bidirectional Debugger

Undo Software announces UndoDB: "A bidirectional debugger allows programmers to run a program backwards in time as well as forwards. The program can be stepped back line-by-line, or rewound to any point in its history. Furthermore, programmers can play the program forwards and backwards in a totally repeatable fashion, allowing them to 'home in' on the cause of a bug.
Bidirectional debuggers are much more powerful than their traditional counterparts, which only allow programmers to step their programs forwards in time. This is particularly true for bugs whose root cause occurs long before the ill effects manifest themselves, and for bugs that occur only intermittently. "

This is an interesting idea. Debugging both ways!

"With this analogy, a programmer using a bidirectional debugger is like the detective finding detailed CCTV footage not just of the murder itself, but also all pertinent events that led to the murder."

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